Foto Friday: Baubles of Light

I have been trying to post this entry since Friday – unfortunately my previous template and dozens of other ones I tried seem to be intent on screwing up the photos and text in such a way that drove me crazy. I even cried a little – but that could also be due to the fact that I have had the flu. Anyway, cardiology this is – yet another – temporary template that will be up until I get someone to design something for me that works the way I want.

The Mister’s company Christmas party was at a swank restaurant with a chic 60’s feel to it last night.

What a cutie.

I loved the lighting in this place.

Immediately after this photo was taken the table we were leaning against collapsed. Someone had taken all the screws out from under it. There was an open bar and only appetizers (and the party started at 6 p.m.) which is kind of a recipe for disaster. I’m surprised only the table got hurt (at least as far as I know.) The swanky restaurant with the “fusion cuisine” – while very pretty – wasn’t the best choice for this company. To me Oil Men (and women) = steak and potatos not little sushi rolls. I should know, information pills I grew up in this city.

Here I am trying to get a decent shot of my dress in the bathroom mirror. I was feeling super self-conscious of taking photos of myself in the bathroom but most of the women who came in were staggering drunk and probably wouldn’t care/remember anyway.

I’m thinking I should have tried on the smaller size because the top kept opening up and exposing me. However, these days when I try on clothes all I can see are BOOBS. Boobs everywhere! (Ridiculously lopsided ones at that.) I think what I’ll do is get a nice camisole to go under the dress so I don’t have to worry about showing Moira’s property to the general public. As it was I kept my sweater on and done up over my chest for most of the night. At least my hair is looking awesome these days and has stopped falling out – I’m glad I didn’t chop it.

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