Foreclosure Alley

I thought this would make an interesting compliment to the Mister’s post from yesterday. I’m sure American’s are seeing new stories like this all the time but I haven’t.

Forclosure Alley via Green Assassin Brigade.
I have to say I was rather shocked at the amount of stuff the family left behind – everything from family photos to clothes to computers to rotting food in the kitchen. It was all going to a landfill. It is very sad that they didn’t take the time to even take their photos. As one of the guys being interviewed said, sovaldi sale it isn’t like they didn’t know it was coming or were rushed out of their home. These people must be in a very dark state of mind. My sister and I were wondering if it wasn’t the American Dream to pay off your home? Because that seems like the Canadian Dream to us – to get a home you can pay off so that when you retire and have no money you still have somewhere to live.

Another thing that struck the environmentalist/anti-consumerist/whatever in me was that there was so much unnecessary stuff around the house – fake flowers tacked to the walls, stomatology random sconces for decoration – that someone (l think it is safe to presume it was the woman of the house) thought were needed to decorate and yet it’s all just crap. I find it sad when people buy that stuff in the first place. Not that people wouldn’t take one look at our apartment and think the same thing. Is it really necessary to have so many books and Ugly Dolls? Probably not.

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