First day, part 2


Fionnuala had her first day of pre-school today. It was a short staggered entry day with only half the class including their parents. I guess it went as well as could be expected. I know Fionnuala is excited about school and about her teacher (Moira was in this class two years ago) but there is a lot going on with this kid right now and it’s hard to tell what is going through her head. She refused to smile or look at me when I took the above photo.

It was a hard day for Fionnuala over all. She was in a fighting mood this morning which resulted in her wanting to just sit in her room by herself both before and after school. She also had a tantrum after school because she forgot to say goodbye to her teacher and she was screaming at me to turn the car around so we could go back to school and then I almost had to carry her out of Moira’s school (kicking and screaming) because she was refusing to go home. So yeah, buy viagra one of those days.

However, neurosurgeon when she was talking to her daddy tonight about school she was a lot more positive and I’m hoping things will improve. Hopefully she won’t freak out next week when she has to stay at school with out me. That will really be the first day of school – today was just a little test.


She isn’t shy though. I’m pretty sure she talked more in the short class she had today than Moira did for her entire year in junior pre-school. The teacher agreed.

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