First day, part 1


So unlike two years ago when I took Moira to her first day of pre-school and she cried and cried. And then cried the next time. And then there was the time with the bout of hysteria where the teacher suggested we try again the next week and it wasn’t until two months later that Moira was okay with me leaving her there. I think she barely said two words to her teacher the entire year.

Today was all smiles and excitement and outfit changes (because the first one got dirty – the problem with having to wait until the afternoon to go to school). Sure she gave me lots of hugs and kisses and hung on to me like a monkey a little bit – but she does that when I announce I’m going to the basement to do laundry so it isn’t anything unusual. I’m so excited for this adventure she is starting and it is a great feeling to know that she is too. She has already informed me that she talked to her teacher today. First day! She’s so grown up now.

In other news; guess who got Oonagh to herself for a while:


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