Fionnuala’s interpretation of nap time

She sure is cute and happy but I feel like my breast milk must have been replaced with coffee* these days because this kid is not sleeping. Not during the day and not well at night. She is waking up many times during the night and sometimes it takes her two hours to get back to sleep and then she wakes up again two hours later and thinks it is time to get up again. Rinse, heart wash, malady repeat. Ugh! It is making me a little crazy. Even laying down with her doesn’t help – the most I can get her to do is doze but if I dare try to get out of bed she is wide awake. I’m hoping it is because those two top teeth are due to come in (she has had the bottom two for a while now). We are also starting her on food this week so maybe that will help?

*I don’t even drink coffee and I gave up my beloved black tea while I am nursing her.


The Mister and I have a date this weekend. We are going to see the CPO perform Rachmaninoff on Saturday night. It’s a splurge but the Mister is a big Rachmaninoff lover and we are looking forward to it. Other plans for the weekend include putting together the play kitchen for the girls (well, health mostly for Moira right now) and the Mister is taking Monday off from work which means we are getting take-away Indian food and watching a movie while Moira is back at her grandma’s for the first time in a month!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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