Fionnuala: one year later

Oh happy little bee – you are so fun to love. It’s only been a year (she turned one on August 18th) and yet you have gone from looking like Winston Churchill, view barely able to hold your head up under the weight of your own cheeks to being this adorable cherub who babbles constantly and dances to the sound of the blender. You have your father and I laughing all the time with your antics and your sister is still bruising you with her kisses – but now you can run away, or at least you should.

When you were first born I worried a bit about how I was going to manage having two children and making them both feel loved – and yet you seem to be the one who is bringing the love into the family these days. These days you like to attack us from behind with a hug if we are crouched down doing something (also, we’re getting a lot of knee hugs these days). You also know that all you have to do is lean your forehead into someone and it will be kissed and you have created a game where you lay on the ground and giggle knowing your sister (or me) will come and kiss you before you get up and run away laughing. You say Hi non-stop because it is the only real word you have – except for Mum-mum-mum-mum but that is reserved for when you really don’t feel well.  However, you understand everything we say. When I say “We should get you some water” you go to the table and grab your sippy cup. When I say “It’s time for a diaper change” you start heading down the hall to your room (but must it be such a battle when we get there?). I’m constantly amazed at how much a baby can learn and understand in one year but I’m having such a good time going through it all again with you.

No one is surprised that you adore your sister (how could you not?) but I think it is even more fun to watch you push her buttons – something you have already figured out how to do. I’m convinced you think her name is pronounced EHHHHHH! And it doesn’t matter what she is saying to you – or in what tone of voice (“Finn-nuuuuuuuuuu-la be quiet!”) you seem to think everything is a joke and just laugh it off. I like how you lurk outside her door waiting for her to exit so you can dash in and see what can be grabbed before you are noticed. It’s even better though when you are invited in to play and I hear you babbling away as your big sister talks to you.

Happy (belated) Birthday busy bee – thanks for being the best baby ever.

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