Finally – The Winners!

Okay, side effects I know this took me way longer than necessary but you all know how important choosing a name is – maybe less important than choosing a name for your child… but still, prescription I’m picky and wanted the perfect name. I’m going to register it before I announce it which I should be doing sometime this weekend so I will update as soon as I have everything settled.

Anyway… onto the winners:
The first is Lilalia who suggested “Or, why donít you take some character or book title that you love and rearrange it to your liking?” This really got me thinking and it is exactly what I did.

The second is Jen who made many suggestions, none of which I used, but she still gets a free book! Yay Jen! I hope you can find time to actually read it someday (her son Kale is six weeks old).

I have to order the books still (much cheaper that way) but I will mail them out as soon as I get them so please send me your addresses.

And thanks to everyone who made suggestions – I think it actually made things harder for me but it sure was fun.

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