Fifteen and a half weeks

I’m enjoying writing for #reverb10 a lot – it is nice to have something to think & write about every day instead of just whinging about having a house full of sick people. However, view I thought I would take a break and update the photos of my giant baby. We have Fionnuala’s 4-month doctor’s appointment later this week and I can only imagine how much she weighs now – she was almost 15 lbs at her 2-month appointment. I’m guessing she is going to be close to 17 lbs now.

Over the weekend we had a children’s Christmas party to attend which gave me a chance to dress up the girls. Thankfully Moira was well enough to go (she had to miss one two weeks ago) – although she isn’t 100% better yet and is still quite tired and coughs a lot at night. Santa was there and while Moira still doesn’t understand what Santa means she did like getting a present from him. Mostly though she liked playing with her friend Nienie who she hadn’t seen in months – they spent most of the time hugging or feeding each other.

Fionnuala, price of course, just ate and smiled at everyone.

Fionnuala at 15.5 weeks & Moira - who likes nothing more than to hug & kiss her little sister.

When asked what she wants for Christmas Moira’s replies alternate between ‘a stocking’ and ‘a stocking for Sookie’ – nice to know that she isn’t forgetting about her elephant with the onslaught of toys we are experiencing. We’ve already started hiding/throwing-out toys after she goes to bed. Why do people think children need so much crap?

If you want to see the comparison photos of Fionnuala & Moira over the last couple months they are behind the cut:

12.5 weeks

9.5 weeks

6.5 weeks

3.5 weeks

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