February Phonecation

I’ve decided I’m taking a vacation from my phone this month.

A whole month. No phone.

Well, abortion almost no phone.

Let’s start at the beginning:

I had already done a number of things to try and separate myself from the amount of time I spent on my iPhone – such as deleting any social media apps that take up too much time (I’m looking at you Twitter & Facebook) but I feel I need to go further. I find that I’m drawn to it far too often and then get pulled in. I turn it on to check the time and then all of a sudden I’m checking my e-mail (which I don’t get much of). Or I check to see if anyone has texted me (they haven’t). I’ll be thinking of something I want to look-up and all of a sudden I’ve been lying in bed reading for half an hour.

I wonder what kind of message this sends to my children and what it is doing to my attention span. I really don’t want my children to grow up with an image of their mother with a phone in front of her face all of the time.

Recently I was reading a journal entry I had written 5-years ago where I was speculating that the internet was making me stupid. Five years later and I’m sure it is – and my so-called “smart” phone isn’t helping. Don’t get me wrong, I think my phone is great when used for important purposes (the map function is fantastic when I am out driving somewhere new) and I’m not sure it would be worth it to go back to a regular cell phone – although I do consider it at times – because the world isn’t moving in that direction.

Mostly though, just like the rest of my life, I need to find a balance and my phone really isn’t helping with that these days. So my plan is that on days when I don’t need to bring my phone anywhere it will be kept in my dresser drawer. On days when I do want to bring it in the car it will be in the zipper pocket of my bag. And I have to start wearing a watch – otherwise I will be tempted to turn on the phone for the time. This also means no phone-photos this month but I’ve been cutting back on those too – that’s another post.

However, in the spirit of full-disclosure I totally failed on my first day of phonecation. Fionnuala and I had gone to a mall this morning so I could get my glasses fixed and were killing time with a muffin when the tummy bug that had been bothering us all hit her. Really hit herright into her socks and boots. Needless to say I felt the need to tell someone and since I had already turned on my phone to check the time, I texted the Mister and then I kept updating him on the status of my shitty day (pun intended). Tomorrow will be better.

(In the past I would have announced it on Twitter – but really, does anyone really care about such things? I wonder where the world is going with all of that some days.)


The Minimalist Mom has a great series going right now called Digital De-cluttering. I particularly liked her post about cleaning up your browsing experience.



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