Father’s Day – an ode to the Mister (except not an actual ode)


Even our date nights aren’t just to two of us these days.

What I should be doing for Father’s Day is reading through and editing the Mister’s thesis but I couldn’t resist taking a moment to tell my small corner of the world how much this man means to me. And so his Vacuum Brill Gravitational Waves in Spherical Polar Coordinates will have to wait upon my red pen for a couple more minutes.

Not only has he blessed me with three beautiful daughters he totally understands me when I want nothing to do with them. He works so hard at both his demanding day job and on his thesis in the evenings as well as agreeing to do tutoring out of the goodness of his heart. On top of all that he makes sure he is home every day at 5 p.m. as often as possible so he can get some time in with his daughters before they go to bed – and to prevent me from losing my mind.

I think this year for Father’s Day the Mister would have liked nothing more than to not be a Dad for a day but the best I could do was get the girls to be as quiet as possible for a while and he managed to sleep in until 8:30 a.m. I’m the one who got to have a nap this afternoon.

It often feels as though we have gone from zero to 100 mph in the last five years as far as children go. Where once he only had one woman to deal with the Mister is now mired in a house of estrogen. Little girls screech. A lot. Even Oonagh is finding her voice and goes back and forth between sounding like a Skeksis (her happy sound) or a Banshee (the stuff of nightmares) depending on her mood.

Someday these girls are going to realize something I have known for a long time – that they are damn lucky to have this man for a daddy. By that time they will probably have all have left home and I will get to have him all to myself again. I’m already looking forward to that day.

(Something they will probably never realize – their dad is really freaking hot. Trust me, buy I’ve seen the other dads at the playground. Their dad wins.)


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