Family Literacy Week: Tuesday

I have mentioned my love for The Gruffalo once before – although The Gruffalo’s Child is still my favourite.

One snowy night while The Gruffalo snored
The Gruffalo’s Child was feeling bored.
The Gruffalo’s Child was feeling brave
So she tiptoed out of the gruffalo cave.

I think there is something about teams of writers & illustrators that I like. Nancy Shaw & Margot Apple of the Sheep books are one great team and Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler are another. We now have The Gruffalo, visit this The Gruffalo’s Child and Room on the Broom at home and I have read through Stick Man enough times to know that by next Christmas it will probably be a staple around here too (it has a Christmas theme). These books are hugely popular – so popular that The Gruffalo was made into a TV special last Christmas:

I suspect their popularity lies in the fact that they’re fun books to read aloud (and apparently have a great marketing team behind them) – and since it is the parents who do all the reading in the early days we determine which books get read the most. I have to say though, Moira is definitely enjoying them more now that she is older and asks for “Rufflo” when she wants to read it.

Don’t forget – you still have time to enter Monday’s giveaway to win a copy of Sheep in a Jeep.

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