Family Literacy Week: Thursday

Back when Moira was wee a blog friend, infertility Tiffany, gave me a ton of board books for her. In that pile were these:

I can’t say I gave much thought to them at the time but quickly learned that babies love photos. Or at least my baby. We had to drag these books with us everywhere because Moira could never get enough of them. Even before she turned 1-years old we would spend an hour every morning going through all the photos. In fact the first two words she put together were “what’s this?” or “whasis?” in Moira-speak. Since then we have looked for similar books to keep her interested:

I’m pretty sure these books are one of the reasons Moira is a very wordy child (I also think it is because I won’t let her watch TV but I’m not here to preach). For a couple of books that I would never have given the time of day to pre-child, I’m now always on the look out for more like them and will probably give them as gifts to anyone having a baby over the next couple years: they are inexpensive and can occupy a child (or at least my child) for long stretches of time.

Tiffany, I owe you big time.

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