Family Literacy Week: Monday Giveaway

My friend Kerry over at Pickle Me This has decided she is turning Family Literacy Day (Wednesday, viagra 100mg January 27th) into Family Literacy Week over on her blog – and how could I resist not doing the same? Everyday is Family Literacy Day in our household – most mornings I can’t even finish making breakfast for us before someone starts demanding: Story! Story! We spend a good hour every morning sitting on the floor, snuggled up together reading a stack of books Moira has picked out.

This week I have decided to highlight some of our (Moira & my) favourites starting with the books of Nancy Shaw.

I was introduced to this book by my friend Kirsty who I have given the nicknames: Moira’s Flakey Godmother and Moira’s Middlenamesake because Kirsty is both flakey (brilliant doctor mind you, but flakey) and her middle name is Moira which is where I first heard of the name Moira oh-so-many years ago. Anyway, shortly after Moira was born Kirsty sent us some books and one of them was Sheep In A Jeep which quickly became a favourite.

Beep! Beep! Sheep in a jeep on a hill that's steep.

Each book tells a tale of this group of muttonheads getting into trouble. Shaw’s rhymes are fun to read aloud and the illustrations by Margot Apple are perfect. Since then we have acquired three more Sheep books: Sheep Out To Eat, Sheep Trick-or-Treat and Sheep in a Shop (here is a list of her books). My favourite is still Sheep In A Jeep though, closely followed by Sheep Out To Eat in which, “Five sheep stop at a small teashop. They ask for a seat and a bite to eat.” and then disaster follows. The teashop is filled with very proper looking cats and I think this one is Moira’s favourite because the illustrations of the cats and the sheep hi-jinx are bang-on and she laughs every time the mayhem begins.

The Giveaway: When I come across second hand copies of the books I love I pick them up to give as gifts – the result is that I just so happen to have a copy of Sheep In A Jeep to give away. Leave a comment telling me your favourite animal-related children’s book (either one you read to your child or one from your childhood). Comments will close at 7p.m. (my time) on Wednesday and I will randomly pick a winner and announce it that night. Good luck!

(I’m planning on having another give away on Wednesday and Friday too so if you are looking for some free kids books, this is a good spot to be this week.)

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