Family Literacy Week: Friday Giveaway

We have a number of Dr. Seuss books – I bet you do too. Everyone reads Dr. Seuss. Some of them are really great, sanitary and some of them are kind of meh. But as much as I would like it to be reading these days isn’t about me – at least not when it comes to kids books. And Moira has become oddly attached to Wacky Wednesday. When she is getting tired or stressed she starts yelling out her list of demands: “Nap!” “Bottle!” “Wacky! – which has recently been extended to add “Wocket!” as in, There’s a Wocket in my Pocket. We can be walking down the street and if she is upset (because, you know, I made her wear her mittens or something) she will repeat her list of demands all the way home. On each page of Wacky Wednesday there are things to point out that are weird:

It all began with that shoe on the wall.
A shoe on a wall shouldn’t be there at all.
Then I looked up and I said, oh man.
And that’s how Wacky Wednesday began.

Boy oh boy, a shoe on the wall is Wacky when you are almost two. Mostly I think she likes saying the word wacky. This week she is all about pointing out the babies in the book. Last week it was the cat. There is always something to fixate on.

My current favourite Dr. Seuss book to read is the abridged version of Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? We have both versions but the smaller, shorter version flows better AND it is perfect for throwing in the diaper bag when we are on the go. Plus Moira is at the age where she can help with the sounds.

The Giveaway: A copy of the abridged Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? You have until Sunday at 7 p.m. to comment, at which point I will close comments and announce the winner. Good luck!

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