Family Camp

This past weekend, hospital the May Long weekend here in Canada, was also Family Camp weekend for the Mister’s Scout Troop. We didn’t spend the night because the thought of having to get up 2x in the night to nurse Moira in a tent wasn’t too appealing to me (plus we are still somewhat sleep deprived and deserve a nice, soft bed). Still, we manage to make it out for the day.

The weather was beautiful – near 30 degrees that day but we stayed comfortable for the most part amoung the trees. Still, the hot weather didn’t managed to melt all of the snow along the glacier-fed Ghost River. The cold – and I mean cold – water didn’t stop the Scouts/Venturers from playing in it until they became numb from the temperature.

Fire Ants! There was a big hill of these guys that left us both enthralled and creeped out. Also, yay for macro settings – are those their black beady eyes I am seeing? And what is it about guys needing to poke anthills?

Apparently there is nothing sexier than a woman playing with guns – even crappy air guns like this one. I think I have developed a permanent hunch these days from all my nursing.

Token shot of a reluctant Daddy and Moira.

Proof that family camp is for all ages. Our friend Dave is great with babies and Moira did very well being passed around and spending a day away from the comforts of home. Of course, nursing her in the car was kind of tricky but that certainly didn’t stop her from wanting to eat every two hours.

I have to say – I love the Mister’s Scout troop. He’s a Venturer leader this year but most people don’t know what that is (older kids – ages 14-17) so I just call the whole thing “Scouts”. I think he kind of lucked out with this troop. They happen to meet a block a way from where we live and almost everyone lives in the neighbourhood and can walk to each other’s houses and most of the leaders are laidback and like-minded. I think one of the coolest things though is that a lot of these boys have grown up together, many of them starting out in Beavers or Cubs and have stayed with the organization – something that seems unusal in this busy world where kids have so much on their plate, so many demands on their time and, of course, the pressure to be “cool”.

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