Extreme circumstances and expensive toys

I’ve never been under the impression that I could do it all but last week made me realize just how bad I have become at keeping it together under extreme circumstances. By keeping it together I don’t mean my emotional health (which is fine, unhealthy thanks for asking) – I just mean the day-to-dayness of running a home and family, malady the stuff you normally don’t think about until something happens. The extreme circumstances I speak of were both the Mister & Moira getting really sick – and yes, I mean sick again for Moira. She went to bed Monday night with a low fever that quickly turned into a very high fever and I didn’t get any sleep for the next 48 hours. Four days later the fever finally broke and now she is much better and her tonsillitis or strep throat seems to have cleared up but it was a tough week.

Anyway, my point is that last week I wasn’t able to do anything more than FOCUS ON MOIRA (with a little house hunting obsessing on the side). At first it was so I could keep her away from the Mister who spent Monday of last week vomiting ferociously (Norwalk virus strikes again) but it quickly turned into trying to get her healthy. I kept thinking: what if I had work to do right now? I know there are Moms out there who work AND have sick children AND manage to do other things like cook or read or – good lawd – sew something. They probably also clean their homes. I don’t even feel ashamed to stand up and admit that I am NOT one of those Moms. I feel grateful that I can stay home right now so that even though I don’t get to sleep for 48 hours because of a feverish child I don’t have to fret when she calls me into her room a dozen times during the night because she aches and is half delirious and wants a ‘thnuggle‘.

Hey – and did you know I’m pregnant? Because these days I am honestly forgetting about poor #2 who probably starved last week and was wondering what all that screaming was about.

And we are this -><- close to having bought a house. But that deserves a post of it’s own.

To prove that things are getting back to normal around here: a photo of little Miss puddle jumping in the late afternoon sun.

She was having a fantastic time and everyone who walked by couldn’t help but smile and comment about how fun it is to jump in puddles. In situations like this that, thankfully, happen all the time I have a phrase that pops into my head over and over again: expensive toys. Because really, Moira is happiest when she is doing things like jumping in puddles or playing the “cloth game” which involves a wicker basket full of wash cloths on her change table, pulling them out one at a time and piling them on any willing participant (usually me). Some days we play that game four or five times a day. Sometimes she incorporates the pile of blankets – and we count each cloth as it gets laid out. I won’t lie – it’s my favourite game too because it usually involves me sitting in the rocking chair drinking a cup of tea. Expensive toys.

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