Every day is Earth Day except it really isn’t for most of us

Oh my goodness my home is overwhelming me these days. It doesn’t help that every one has been sick and we keep getting sick (currently Oonagh and I are sniffling and blowing and coughing away). And you know how it is, when momma is sick nothing EVER gets picked up off the floor. (WHY?)

Here is the real truth: we have too much stuff. You too probably have too much stuff but I can’t deal with your stuff when I can’t even deal with my stuff. Last night I set some intentions for the week which is something I really like the idea of but usually just wake up Monday mornings in a new state of overwhelm and spend too much time on my phone and drinking tea.


This week I’m going to try and get over this oppressive (not cancer) illness and do things. Now that Spring is finally here I feel the pull to get some Spring purging done and I’m starting with the girls rooms because they are pack rats and have so much stuff. We are trying to teach them that eleventy billion Shopkins are not going to make them happy but they seem to think we are oppressing them with our anti-consumerist views. There is so much talk in the news these days about plastic and fast fashion (that is a whole blog post in itself) and the multitude of ways that we are destroying our planet but the ever present message is buy more buy more buy more. And the girls are obsessed with tiny plastic things. So in school and in the news they learn that the oil industry is evil (even though it pays the bills in this house and there is no cleaner, conscientious oil industry than the Canadian oil industry – but that is also a whole other conversation) and that every time mommy starts the car a polar bear dies (I was actually told this by one of them a number of years ago) but that owning 20 Beanie Boos shipped over from China is OKAY.

Except yesterday afternoon Oonagh spent hours outside running bare foot in her pyjamas and was so ridiculously happy that she didn’t once fight with anyone nor play with any toys and then went to bed happy and exhausted because SPRING IS HERE!

So far today I have cleaned up half of Fionnuala’s desk and I have one hour before the girls come home for lunch to take out the garbage and recycling so they don’t see all that I am throwing out. Does anyone else do this? Some people say that you should let children make their own decisions about what they are going to keep but every single piece of paper cannot be a treasure. Nor can every single cheap Valentine’s card from the past three years.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go this week. One of my other intentions is to just sit down and write for thirty minutes whether it is good writing or not. I gotta get out of this sick funk somehow.

  2 Replies to “Every day is Earth Day except it really isn’t for most of us”

  1. Rachel
    April 23, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    In our home I think toys and screens are what food is in yours. We don’t have any plastic toys or screen time at all. None. The amount of unfiltered adult content that comes through from the tv itself is too much. It makes me want to buy things; how can it not with children? I find it so stressful, the consumerist accumulation of tat. The children are aware that I will throw away bits and boys, and donate trinket like toys and craft scraps if they aren’t put away after multiple warnings, and every now and again I do a bit purge of non-natural gift toys that I do under the radar. It is so cathartic for everyone. One of the wonderful things I have done with closer friends is prior to Christmas we gather little trinkety stuff the children have left around and give it to each other to give for stocking fillers. That one made me feel clever.

    • April 23, 2018 at 4:13 pm

      That is really really clever! I may have to steal that idea. Our girls have a minimum amount of screen time but no commercials and I don’t buy magazines with advertisements in them but it seems all the marketing still makes its way into the home – mostly through school friends I guess.

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