Eight Random Things

1. I used to have one very large ear:

Big ear

The other ear was big too but not as big as the left ear. They were fixed when I was about six or seven.

2. I used to really hate my name and wanted to change it to something less boring but could never figure out what that new, urticaria exciting and exotic name would be and then I figured I would probably have an identity crisis if I changed it anyway so I kept it and found reasons to like it. It makes me a little obsessed with names though, prescription I still like to look up names and name everything.

3. Another personality glitch: I used to want to be really cool and modern looking, read more but no matter what cool hair cut I got or how I dressed I look like a nice, proper girl. It’s the pale skin and dark curly hair – it makes me look old fashioned. Also, “cool” haircuts and curly hair don’t work well together.

4. My eyesight is abysmal. I hope to have the surgery someday. I almost always wear glasses unless I can get away with putting my contacts in without them being too painful because I don’t like how I look in glasses. I have this mental image that people only see the glasses when they look at me.

5. I work for an online TV website but never watch TV. The Mister and I don’t even have channels; we only use the TV for movies.

6. I have a tendency to get so involved in the books I am reading I can’t separate myself from the characters. If it is a depressing book (and, lets face it, I read a lot of Canadian Lit. so they usually are) I can be depressed for days.

7. Speaking of Canadian Lit. I quasi-obsessively collect paperback editions of books published by New Canadian Library with the abstract 1970s covers. Like this one:

I like how they look when they are all lined up together. The Mister asks if I am ever going to read them all but that really isn’t the point now, is it?

8. In junior high (many years ago now) I used to get laughed at for yelling at the older kids for ditching their garbage on the side of the road as we walked to the store (to hang out at lunch time of course). Now I spend my days researching and writing about environmental issues. No one seems surprised. It took me a long time to find the right path but this one feels good… at least until I write my own depressing Canadian novel.

I was tagged by Kat. I know this meme has been going around for a while so anyone who feels like tagging themselves is welcome to it.

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