Eight months (I suck at self portraits)

Dear Moira, cheap

Yesterday you turned eight months old. In honour of that I tried to take some photos of us together since we have almost none (one of the problems of always being the person behind the camera). This is what resulted:

(New sweater #1)

You, page Miss Grabby Hands are a very busy girl these days. You roll, physician you almost crawl (doing your best impersonation of a wounded solider), you constantly grab at our faces and hair. You have even managed to give me a nosebleed once by jamming your little talons up there. Sitting up holds no interest for you and my theory is you are just too busy doing other things (translation: sitting up gets you nowhere so what is the point). The teething seems to have stalled at nine although that ninth tooth is just barely poking through which must be rather annoying. Of course, you could have more teeth up top but trying to pry your mouth open to check isn’t my idea of a good time – nor yours. It would be nice for everyone if we could take an extended break from the teething. You don’t have to get all 20 in before your first birthday.

Your interest in toys is almost zero except as something you can shove in your mouth. You are much more interested in dragging yourself across the floor to try and get at the powerbar for the stereo (which will be replaced and hung on the wall and out of reach this weekend).  People keeping telling me your hand-eye coordination is amazing but since I have nothing to compare it to I will just have to believe them – you certainly are good at picking things up and putting them in your mouth.

Up until about a week ago you would scream and kick and generally drive me insane when I tried to make you have a nap resulting in months of sleep deprivation and a seriously cranky baby by 5 p.m.- but things are getting better in that department. You are, in fact, napping right now and it is the second one of the day. Sure the first one only lasted 25 minutes but it was a blissfully quiet 25 minutes.

Today we are stuck inside. Yesterday I made the mistake of taking you out in your stroller and we kept getting stuck in the snow. It was tiring and at times, like when people had to help me get across the street, embarrassing. You weren’t bothered.

I have been waiting all day for it to warm up so I can take us out again but so far it is still a little too chilly for me to be wearing you around and the stroller is not built for this weather (in fact I almost just abandoned it in the road yesterday and carried you home). I now understand why mothers spend so much time in the mall – which I considered going to today but I don’t want to drive the car anywhere plus it is December and malls = hell so here we are stuck inside. I suspect after our eventful weekend that you are now bored out of your tree with only me to hang around with but I can’t really do anything about that.

I think my favourite thing about you these days (other than the fact that people still think you are “glaring” at them when we go out) are the ridiculously cute baby noises you are making. Seriously, you sound like Cindy Lou Who (who was no more than 2) with your Babababas and Mamamamas. It is such a cute and soft sound and are a nice balance to the head splitting screams you are capable of (usually an hour after you’ve gone to bed).

Unfortuntately for you, Baby Fang, I have decided we are going to start night weaning this month. After a week (or more? I can’t even remember) of you wanting to nurse every three hours after you have gone to bed I think it is time for mommy to get some sleep.

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