Eat up!

Hello my name is Melanie and I will be your blogger this evening. Tonight’s menu consists of the overcooked First World problem: I am still unable to find child care for my daughter which is lightly peppered with a dash of advice: when they say you should get your name on waiting lists for childcare the minute you conceive they mean it.

For your sides I will be serving some slightly bitter no one told me that! Couple with an admission of naiveté in that I wouldn’t have listened anyway since I was going to love staying home all the time and would be able to work while my precious daughter slept.*

There will be no dessert tonight since your laughter at my expense should be sweet enough.**

*Okay, tooth I totally didn’t believe that but people liked to say it to me all the time.

** To clarify, anesthetist I’m frustrated but not really complaining about this. Yes, I want to work but also I think it is important to get Moira out among other children and since almost none of our friends have kids setting up play dates has been rather hard. We had one yesterday and Moira practically smothered sweet little baby Evey with hugs and kisses. She really is the sweetest damn child in the world.

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