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I know I don’t talk about the environment much these days. Mostly I feel that constantly reducing my footprint is something that I need to work at ALL THE TIME. It is so easy to become complacent – especially when you weigh 30 more pounds than you ever have in your life and have no money. I even had to give up my curbside recycling service and the plastic has been piling up. The Mister and I have many conversations about how being an environmentalist is a privilge of the 1st world. I mean – it shouldn’t be but it is easy to be high and mighty when you have a comfortable life. When you are struggling to get by everyday, health live in a shack and your children are dying from malaria who can blame you for wanting your country to do whatever it can to catch up to all the countries who have taken everything for granted for so long. Lately my obsessive reading about the environment has turned into obsessive reading about breast feeding and cloth diapering – both of which are, purchase after all, viagra good for the environment.


My sister (Happy Birthday today sis!) and I have discovered another thing we have in common – we both like to surf around on the internet and “shop”. I guess “window shopping” (screen shopping?) would be a more appropriate description – she never seems to buy anything either. My favourite place for a while has been Etsy – I am always in awe of the talent on that site. These are a couple of my favourite baby/kid related things lately (really, what else would I be looking at these days?):

Click on the photo to link to the shop.

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