I’ve been trying to write another post for the last 10 days but my time is not my own these days.

Things around here are, info as to be expected, price constantly changing. One day Moira is all smiles and the next she is refusing to nap and is a real grouch. No matter what her mood though she doesn’t let me get too far away and would nurse 24 hours a day if I let her. If I manage to get the kitchen cleaned up over the course of the day I feel like I have accomplished something. For a while there we couldn’t get Moira to sleep at night before 11 p.m. but someone suggested to me that we put her in a sling to calm her down and now I wrap her up in my Moby wrap every night around 7 p.m. and she is (sometimes) asleep by 9 p.m.! She is actually asleep right now in her bassinet (during the day!) and I know I should be trying to get some stuff done around the apartment but it is nice to just sit on the couch in the quiet and catch up on blogs and e-mails.

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last entry. I decided not to go to the funeral. I felt like I didn’t know Amber well enough and, side effects to be honest, didn’t really want to deal with the sadness. The real deciding factor though was that I haven’t yet left Moira for more than an hour and knew that the funeral was going to be a long one (there were hundreds of people there). I have a tendency to let my imagination get the better of me so have tried not to dwell on how horrific it all is. And then I’m sitting there nursing my daughter and watching her perfect little lips…

And perfect little hands…

And the little feet that never stop moving…

And am overwhelmed by how anyone could possibly do what that man did to his own children.

But enough with the sadness! Things are good here and the Mister keeps reminding me that I should focus on that so I will in my next post.

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