Do NOT read the Twilight Series

Not unless you want to lost sleep, link stop feeding yourself and feel like some middle-age perv for crushing on a 17-year old vampire. I thought the whole crush on Edward Cullen thing was over-blown when I read about it on a couple of blogs. I can understand teenage girls going all moony-eyed over him but the rest of us? Boy, was I wrong. I mean, I wouldn’t say I am lusting after him, per se. But I certainly stayed up late devouring the first two books and ignoring my husband – it’s the books I have a crush on. I was going through serious withdrawal as I waited my turn on the painfully slow library waiting list until yesterday when I decided Missy and I would take a little stroll to the used bookstore in the neighbourhood. The next two books were in the window waiting for me. Seriously, I feel kind of dirty reading it and I’m not even sure why because it isn’t as though they are having the sex. Really they aren’t even getting into serious kissing since Edward might get all hot and bothered and drain a vein in her – and i mean that in the literal and not metaphorical sense. I felt the need to justify myself to the woman behind the counter who said, “It’s okay, I’ve read them. I get it.”

Much like Bella (Edward’s human love) he was invading my dreams. Of course, my dreams are always terribly weird and in the dream I had to choose between Edward and Jack Black. Guess who I chose?

Jack Black.

Oh, wait. Did you miss that?

I said Jack Black.

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me. Although did you see him in The Holiday? He was really cute and, you know, he isn’t dead or anything and doesn’t have to drink blood so maybe it isn’t such a bad choice.


I forgot to say: Happy Voting Day to all my American friends! I may have to go somewhere with a T.V. tonight just to see what happens.

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