Dirt and peas

Autumn arrived today and I really need to take some photos of the yard before it gets too cold and all the plants die because the little garden we built this summer turned into a full-scale landscaping job. Seriously, we are still buying plants,¬† shrubs and trees (this weekend: three juniper bushes, another currant bush, two gooseberry bushes, a couple more raspberry bushes and eleventy billion bulbs). The reason we are still buying and planting is because things keep going on sale. Also, we got three letters from The City this summer about the length of our grass because apparently just letting your grass grow is not xeriscaping. After we cut the grass one weekend and the (very-allergic to grass) Mister couldn’t breathe for a couple days we decided to dig up as much as possible and start planting. We have a sod-pile in the backyard the size of a small mountain and you are all invited sledding in our backyard this winter.

Having a big garden is wonderful. I love how the girls are constantly getting into the dirt and exploring it. A lot of Moira’s summer was spent looking for worms and moving them from one place to another. Even on (rare) days when Moira says she doesn’t want to be outside I usually find her covered in dirt and having fun. Fionnuala has learned that she can plunk herself down beside the peas for a snack – although she finds it more effective to stand beside them and scream until someone gets the message. Even I can’t go into the backyard without walking over to the peas and grabbing some. I don’t feel the need to scream about it though.

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