December the first

Remember what I was saying yesterday about internet free weekends? I think what I must have meant was internet-filled Saturdays. Yeah, viagra that was what I really meant, right?

I woke up this morning oh-so-very tired with eyes that didn’t actually believe me that they needed to stay open. I sat on the computer for most of the morning. To give myself some credit I was working on an invitation for our 5th Annual New Year’s Eve/Birthday Party, Party. Our theme is always the same: we don’t want to leave the apartment and venture out into the cold so you can come to us. Like it? I kind of think New Year’s is over rated. It’s all about being annoyed that your siblings are hung over and fighting on your birthday but you are too young to understand so you just think they are mad that it is your birthday. Oh wait, that was just me.

I learned years ago that if you have expectations of how you want your birthday to be you have to take charge of it yourself. So I started throwing myself a birthday party the night before – on New Year’s Eve. (It is impossible to get people to do anything for weeks after the holiday season.) Lots of food, lots of friends, lots of fun – and no worries. The Mister and I have been together for five years and this is our fifth party – I like that. We decided years ago that we wanted it to be a casual/open house affair where children – and future children – are welcome and people can come and go as they please. I used to have a group of friends who couldn’t commit to anything on New Year’s in case something better came along and then their expectations would be so high they would always be disappointed – I no longer have those friends.

Despite the slow start to the day I feel I accomplished a lot: sent out the invitation, sent out invoices for book reviews I have done, paid bills, set up my Raverly account (hey – it’s important!), started the Mister’s toque (again), did three loads of laundry and posted some stuff on Freecycle. Slowly, slowly getting things together. Even managed to find time to hang out with a friend this evening. Good day.

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