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I know, discount so obvious – could I talk about anything else more than dogs? But really – I’m a dog person. I grew up in a dog family. I have known some really great dogs (evidence of which can be found here – although there are more). I used to annoy ex-boyfriends about how much I talked about dogs and in junior high I had friends who made fun of my because the only way I would notice a guy on the street was if he was walking a dog – and then I would only be interested in the dog. The Mister says that it’s a good thing he got the “do you like dogs” question right or I never would have said yes to that first date.

Recent doggy favourites from Flickr

1. Odie the Basset Hound, 2. Food?, 3. So sad, 4. Getting sleepy, 5. Charles P. Buttercup, 2001 – 2008, 6. AZUL-BLUE, 7. Sublime Sunday, 8. mira, 9. la belva che dorme (ah che novità)

I still don’t have a dog of my own which has always pained me. Growing up with dogs you don’t realize how much stuff you drop on the floor until you move out of the house. I remember living in my first apartment in Montreal and dropping food in the kitchen and instinctively waiting for the scramble of feet to come running and clean it up. I laughed at myself: “you mean I have to bend over and pick that up?” I didn’t realize how spoiled I had been.


Of the cloth variety.

I have an issue with things that can’t be recycled so using cloth diapers wasn’t something I even had to think about. Plus – you save way more money in the long run (yes, even with washing, I’ve done the research). Kids who wear cloth diapers tend to get less rashes too – probably something about not having all of those chemicals and petroleum products rubbing against their bums (and they get changed more). But mostly – look how wee and cute they are! These are the nighttime diapers, they have two extra linings in them are super comfy looking. Mostly I will be using prefolds, especially when babe is very little because a) prefolds are the most economical, especially when you are changing a newborn about 12x a day and b) I don’t know which diapers will work best for my little one so I have to try some out first.

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