Cottage Life – a photo essay

The cottage, asthma as seen from the lake. I believe one of my sister’s friends dubbed it “your Mother’s mansion in the woods.” It really isn’t a mansion and would need a lot of work to be winterized but it is rather spacious and nice for a cottage.

Steps to the lake.

 The inappropriately named Lake Torment.

See all those toys on her fancy little chair? Want to know what had her attention? The ceiling fan. She didn’t care much for the toys but sometimes when she would get really upset I would stand under the ceiling fan and she would calm down by staring at it.

 Wild blueberries. (This u-pick place belongs to friends of my parents. Three dollars and you can pick all day if you want).

Mum picking blueberries with the blueberry rake.

Quilt fabrics on the line. (I didn’t get to do a stitch of quilting myself while away but my Mum and her friend Doreen are working on a quilt for Moira).

 Moira resting on her quilt fabrics.

Another shot of us in the pumpkin patch.

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