Coming up for air

Are you there, capsule Internet? It’s me, visit Melanie.

Things are changing around here. For one thing – Moira has started digesting her food again. At least, I seriously hope she has. It’s like we have our old happy girl back. We went to the doctor last week and Moira went on antibiotics for an ear & throat thing and I think that is what finally cleared up the problem. She is back on milk but still off gluten but my vote for the cure is leaning on the antibiotics. I’m sure all mothers says this but it is so stressful to try and figure out what is wrong with someone who can’t tell you! The last two months have been pretty stressful and now it finally feels like life is heading towards a new normal. Hopefully Moira will now start gaining weight again – her clothes were starting to hang off of her.

In other news, I have been off gluten for a week too (solidarity etc. etc.) and feel great.

And today? Today is day three with the nanny. Yes, I finally have some childcare. Nanny seems like a very nice young woman who has lots of experience and is currently spending three afternoons a week looking after Moira while I get work and/or errands and/or all those things done that you can’t do (or don’t want to do) with a toddler around.

For example, did you know I am updating Roughing It In The Books again? Well, now you know.

Fall is here. Kindermusik class has started (although Little Miss has become quite shy and clingy in the last couple months), swim lessons are starting and I am catching up on some of the work I haven’t been able to do.

Oh – and I bought an iPhone! While it is going to help me immensley for work is also going to make my life easier in regards to The Daily Moira.

So please stop by and say hello. I’ve missed this little space and feel so out of touch.

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