Children are plague rats

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Inside that cute facade lives a world of germy hurt.

We had our monthly potluck on Saturday night so we assumed Moira was going to be a little pill on Sunday. She loves the potluck, sildenafil loves the people and gets rather wild and excited and – not surprisingly – doesn’t sleep well after. Sunday morning dawned early but it soon because apparent that her whininess and clinginess and lack of energy were something more than just a fun hangover – especially when she willingly went back to bed later on in the day. I knew then that she would wake up with a fever – and she did. A fever and a cough and a runny nose.

Things that are nearly impossible: trying to get your snot-nosed toddler to NOT cough on you.

What I didn’t know was that I was going to be knocked out by this illness. Knocked out so bad that my Mother-in-law had to come look after the girls because by Tuesday I could barely get out of bed. Everything ached. Everything. And the coughing? I’ve been coughing so hard I feel like I have broken some ribs. It wasn’t until last night that my fever finally subsided and I felt like eating again. Moira was feeling a bit better yesterday but she voluntarily took her slime trail back to bed this morning so we obviously aren’t out of the woods yet.

At least, resuscitation I kept telling myself, no one is vomiting.

And that was true – until 5 a.m. this morning.

Poor Fionnuala. I suppose there was no way she could avoid getting sick with Moira constantly coughing on her and kissing her or with being in such close contact with me. I was thinking that nothing made me feel more helpless than being so sick I couldn’t look after my girls – but I don’t know – having a vomiting six-month old is making me feel pretty helpless too. She is asleep in her crib right now but I’ve been carrying around the baby monitor to hear if she starts throwing up again. She has always been a really healthy baby so hopefully this will pass quickly. Any advice for dealing with a sick baby?


Dispatches from the Looking on the Bright Side committee: This illness may have helped me lose some of the stubborn baby weight that was hanging around and I should really go try on some of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Not my first choice in how to do it but if I had to suffer for a couple days there may as well be some benefit, no? For some reason this makes me think of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion and how one of them got Mono in high school and lost a ton of weight and how they thought that was the best thing ever. Oh, vanity.

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