Caught in the death glare

I don’t know what is up with my girls these days but they are a mess.

Fionnuala cried all day yesterday and won’t let me put her down at all – I suspect it is her teeth as she will now ask for her soothie (“Sou?” “Sou?”) if it isn’t clutched in her hand. I had been trying to hide it in her drawer when she isn’t sleeping but I’ll deal with that when the last of the molars comes through.

Moira is still battling for control over Every. Little. Thing. This means we are constantly locking horns. Today involved two full-scale tantrums, sildenafil one involving the march-of-shame through the mall. I don’t really want to get into details but it just confirms my belief that children should never go to the mall EVER. I have only myself to blame for that one but we all wanted to get out of the house and a nice warm play area seemed like a better idea than putting Fionnuala out in the cold (see above photo and then imagine putting that in a snowsuit).

However, they are both asleep now and tomorrow we will try again. It wasn’t all bad – it never is – but it’s exhausting.

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