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I suspect this will be a multiple part series. Things I have gotten rid of today: 28 cassette tapes (all mixes except The Cure: Standing on a Beach the Singles which I have had since junior high). We don’t own a cassette player – haven’t for years. 41 theatre playbills, viagra 60mg programs for choral concerts I participated in (dating… Read more →

The naming game

When the Mister and I came to an agreement on Moira’s name it was just so simple. We both loved the name and even though we both had other names we loved the name Moira was everything we wanted. And it has turned out that way. If it was solely up to me Moira would have been called Maude –… Read more →

And… we’re back!

I can’t believe how much I missed my blog. Thanks to everyone who sent an e-mail wondering where the heck it went (it’s nice to know people actually care). Of course the biggest thanks go to the Mister who spent a good portion of the weekend (and most of yesterday) trying to save all of my work – and has… Read more →

The “Move” – Notes from Mr. Admin

As if moving houses wasn’t enough, therapy Melanie decided to move blog hosts as well. 😀 Unfortunately 1&1 doesn’t have the same WordPress versioning as Dreamhost (Dreamhost is more up-to-date), prescription so that means that Mr. Admin gets to move the database, skincare files, and deal with a not-in-place upgrade at the same time.  Here’s a rough procedure in case… Read more →

Technical Issues

As soon as I get off this computer I’m going to write a list of all the things I need/should do before this baby is born. One of them, purchase I just realized, approved is to figure out what is wrong with my blog because it hasn’t been working well lately and now it looks funny too. I have great… Read more →

What we have been up to lately

} Playing with my iPhone camera apps } Lots of cooking – yesterday I made tons of veggie soup stock for the freezer and have been doing some gluten-free baking and freezing that too. I’m stocking up for when the baby comes and enjoying learning more & experimenting with gluten-free baking. Got any favourite recipes? } Organizing the house –… Read more →