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So, come here often?

One of my favourite bloggers recently decided to start writing again after a long absence. Her explanation about why she stayed away so long was because she felt she had to write a big welcome back post explaining why she stayed away so long. Doesn’t everyone feel pressure like that? Every time I write a post it ends up being… Read more →

First day, part 2

Fionnuala had her first day of pre-school today. It was a short staggered entry day with only half the class including their parents. I guess it went as well as could be expected. I know Fionnuala is excited about school and about her teacher (Moira was in this class two years ago) but there is a lot going on with… Read more →

Four months old today

She is sweet and smiley and has definitely won the hearts of every one in this family. I think Moira’s lips are permanently attached to Oonagh’s head and Fionnuala can’t leave her cheeks alone. We keep yelling, treatment “stop mauling the baby!” There are worse problems to have. Even though my last post was all about how much this job… Read more →