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Friday to Sunday

I have a corner in the basement with little light except an old lamp that looks like a stripper pole & can’t be left on too long or else things start to smell burnt. I’m trying to do too many things at once: dinner, disinfection sew Christmas stockings, physician reply to an e-mail while the Mister & Moira are out… Read more →

The Halloween that was

Can we go trick-or-treating now? Can we go trick-or-treating now? Can we go trick-or-treating now? Moira was a bumblebee for Halloween. This costume was made for my oldest nephew – now 22 years old – and is now on it’s fourth grandchild. It has a stinger. We’ve been stung a lot this week. The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse is one… Read more →

Learning to keep my mouth shut. Or: lies I tell my child to get her to school.

  In Simplicity Parenting Kim John Payne writes that the less you talk the more they listen. This makes sense right? I mean, apoplexy if you never shut up they (meaning your children but this advice can apply to any situation) will tune you out. I can see everyone nodding their heads right now because we have all been in… Read more →

Green & Gold

Autumn arrived today and I really need to take some photos of the yard before it gets too cold and all the plants die because the little garden we built this summer turned into a full-scale landscaping job. Seriously, cheap we are still buying plants, steroids shrubs and trees (this weekend: three juniper bushes, this site another currant bush, two… Read more →