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When In Doubt

This morning, during a late breakfast* I was attempting to read Flow Magazine and came across this article, “A Little Doubt Is Good For You.” It made me realize that a little doubt isn’t my problem. I think a whole lot of doubt is my problem. Do you ever feel that way? Like nothing you do is good enough? I… Read more →

Winter Sun

The weather was beautiful today so we went for a walk in the deep snow and enjoyed the winter sun. Most days it’s too cold for me to feel comfortable venturing out with three little ones but it’s a holiday and the Mister was home to help. I remembered that I have my Dad’s Arctic parka in the basement and… Read more →


Some days I want to tell everyone to go away and let me lay on the couch and read all day and maybe just eat Froot Loops if I feel like it (even though they give me a stomach ache). I don’t want to talk or answer questions and I certainly don’t want to prepare eleventy billion snacks or go… Read more →

Looking forward

As I was writing my previous blog post I realized that I haven’t taken the time to think about goals or resolutions for 2013. The reason for this is rather obvious since I know that this year is going to consist of sleep deprivation and non-stop breast-feeding of baby #3 (by choice) and I hadn’t really thought beyond that. However,… Read more →

100 Days

I’ve taken a couple of days to think about this and have decided I am really going to do it. It is something I need and yes, rx if you really want to know, sovaldi sale I think it is going to be really hard. And lonely. I started blogging twelve years ago for various reasons but I will tell… Read more →

What if…

I closed my computer for the next 40 days and didn’t open it again. I wonder what I would accomplish? Would I sew more or cook more or knit more? Maybe I would read more and write more. What is it that has so many of us tied to our computers? Even just thinking about not being on the computer… Read more →