Category: Goals

February Phonecation

I’ve decided I’m taking a vacation from my phone this month. A whole month. No phone. Well, abortion almost no phone. Let’s start at the beginning: I had already done a number of things to try and separate myself from the amount of time I spent on my iPhone – such as deleting any social media apps that take up… Read more →

January goals

These days I’m sitting back and enjoying things while I take stock of what I want out of 2012. I haven’t written out a long list of goals although I have some hopes and dreams floating around in my mind – some rather mundane and some a little exciting, order a little secret. I think maybe my only resolution will… Read more →

November goals

I’m trying to be a little more organized these days – even though the Mister says that if I don’t have time to sit down and write a to-do list then I don’t have time for whatever is on the list. Okay, therapy so this is probably true but it’s time to pull my socks up a little and try… Read more →