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World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day and I feel like I should say something about it even though I would much rather be in the UK celebrating Harry Potter Book Night. But now I’m in the exclusive club of women (and some men) who have metastatic breast cancer. So what is Metastatic Breast Cancer? I think most people – myself included… Read more →

So, come here often?

One of my favourite bloggers recently decided to start writing again after a long absence. Her explanation about why she stayed away so long was because she felt she had to write a big welcome back post explaining why she stayed away so long. Doesn’t everyone feel pressure like that? Every time I write a post it ends up being… Read more →

Winter Sun

The weather was beautiful today so we went for a walk in the deep snow and enjoyed the winter sun. Most days it’s too cold for me to feel comfortable venturing out with three little ones but it’s a holiday and the Mister was home to help. I remembered that I have my Dad’s Arctic parka in the basement and… Read more →