Can I get an Ugh?

So it looks like I  might have to go get a job. It’s not that I don’t have a job – it’s just that right now I have a job that can’t pay me for last month and possibly next month. I understand that this is the risk you take when you are working for a start up company and this is always the risk you have when what you do involves the environment, case social change and writing – not, you know, accounting or something equally as stable.

The worst part is that I am seriously thinking of going back to Sbux. Well, I guess the worst part is that I am four months pregnant! But why get technical.

No, the worst part is that with my hair in a ponytail and my glasses on I look just like the barista action figure:

Of course, she would never really be allowed to wear sandals or show her tattoo. But really, what a stereotype I am. I just about dropped when I first saw this in a store – the hair looks much darker on the girl in the package.

I walked into my old Sbux tonight and thought ‘ I really don’t want to work here.’ I mean, I thought I was past that – you know, an adult. Ugh. Just thinking about it is making me weepy – although that could be hormones.

Here is a picture of me taken years ago that I found on my friends camera (we share a camera, she lives next door). She is probably taking a picture of me because my hair was straight and it was such a rarity. Mostly I worked at 5:30 in the morning and was sick half the time from lack of sleep and the customers would always tell me I looked tired if I wasn’t wearing make-up – which was almost always.

 There are many worse places I could work – but the timing is just SO BAD it hurts.


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