Busyness, Decisions, Dilemmas – Part 3

Things on my mind #3: This Bloody Apartment!

I am trying to get it organized and livable but it has been months and I still don’t know what to do with all of our stuff. This weekend I put all my fabric and knitting in bins and put them away (wondering, store sadly, if I would ever see them again) and the back room is still a disaster.  In an ideal world we would have a third room but we don’t and won’t be moving anytime soon and I just have to accept that and make this place livable for me. There is a give and take to everything and making the decision to not go back to work just yet also means we are still that much further away from a house/garden/dog of our own.

As part of my desire to live in the now I am trying to make our apartment aesthetically pleasing as well – with no budget and without being allowed to paint and having to put up with The World’s Ugliest Carpet (“TWUC” okay, not really but I hate this carpet none-the-less). This is one more area where I have just been waiting for something to change before I decorate the way I want to – and I have been waiting for 5 years. (Did you know I have been waiting to find the perfect set of bedside tables forever too? Not fancy ones either (I look at flea markets and second hand stores) – just real wood ones that I can paint myself.) Currently, I like to torment myself by going to Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge but in addition to the torment I find them very inspiring. Things are still in flux with the Mister and his job prospects (will we still be in this city this time next month? Next year? Will he ever get paid a decent wage?) but I’m trying hard to ignore that and just live as though this were it – because really this is it. This is my life. I just need it to be… um… prettier? Something like that.

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