Busyness, Decisions, Dilemmas – Part 1

I haven’t forgotten about The Contest, drugstore It’s just that other issues are consuming me right now making it hard for me to focus. I also haven’t been able to decide on a name for the website so if you have anymore suggestions feel free to hop on over to that page and enter again. Things with the new website have changed a bit since my friend Alexis, price who is also a brilliant poet, decease is going to be joining me. The Can Lit Ladies? Gah! I will draw names soon though, I promise.

It must be the onset of autumn that is making me so… pensive? Resolutionary? (I think I just made that word up.) Freaking anxious about life? I’m not sure. But I have some serious decisions, and some not so serious decisions, to make right now and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve been pretty good at keeping this blog light and airy lately but certain issues are burninating up my mind like Trogdor on a peasant. I keep having clichéd sayings running through my mind like: do one thing everyday that scares you, be the person you want to be, and live in the now and as cheesy as it sounds – they are making an impact. I tried to write one entry about everything on my mind but it was a)too long and b)taking me days.

Thing on my mind #1: Working

I recently applied for a job, went through two interviews, submitted my references and am 95 per cent certain they are going to hire me. Yet, I have been wondering if I am really ready to go back to work. And by “back” I mean, work from home for 20 hours a week. Now, 20 hours doesn’t sound like a lot and people keep telling me I can work when Moira naps but they also tell me I can a)sleep when she naps, b)clean when she naps and c)have a shower when she naps and d)exercise when she naps. Moira naps in 20-minute intervals  maybe 3x a day (if I’m lucky). Nothing gets done. She also doesn’t go to bed much before 9p.m. no matter how early I start the bedtime routine. I know this will change eventually but this is our life right now. I suppose I could work when she goes to bed which means working from about 9-12 every night but I usually try to go to bed within 1/2 an hour of her falling asleep.  This isn’t a job that really interests me. It would be a good from-home job but it would also be a boring one that I would solely be doing it for the money and would take me away from more important things. For $15 an hour is it really worth how tired I will be and how little I will see the Mister?. I’m thinking… not. Moira is definitely a full time job right now but on the other hand any extra income would definitely help us out.

Finding the right balance these days is very difficult.

The HR guy called this morning but I was in the laundry room and now I have to make a decision before I call him back. Frick. I guess that is my scary thing for the day.

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