This is the fourth year I have written up a list like this. They are not resolutions but rather things that I would like to accomplish in my 33rd year. Little goals. Little challenges. Little reminders to myself.

  1. Redesign my blog. How good it feels to strike something off this list already!
  2. Do something with (organize?) my desk. THIS (photo coming soon) is my desk if you want to know.
  3. Stretch often.
  4. Unless Moira keeps me up all night or I am sick – get up with the Mister in the morning during the week.
  5. Get dressed before 10 a.m.
  6. Go swimming at least once a week.
  7. Deplete my yarn stash (this means knitting something).
  8. Deplete my fabric stash (this means sewing something).
  9. Finish the Baby Bug Quilt (this is the 4th year this has been on this list).
  10. Get birthday presents to people on time!
  11. Introduce myself to new music once a week (new to me – doesn’t have to be new new.)
  12. Take more challenges with my photography.
  13. Hire a babysitter to look after Moira one morning a week.
  14. Go hiking.
  15. Get laser surgery on my eyes. (Maybe. If we can afford it.)

(A work in progress. List is subject to change without notice and without beating myself up too much.)
There are times when I should probably put the camera down and help her – or stop her from whatever it is she is doing.

I do… eventually.

Almost nine months old and she has never pulled herself into a sitting position.

Apparently, sildenafil
sitting is for wussies.

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