Bumblebee girls

I have a blog reader full of unread blogs and a couple e-mails in my account asking if everything is okay at our place and my sister’s advice was to throw some photos of the girls into a post and let everyone know I’m still alive. So yes, abortion everything is fine around here and it is – it really is. There is teething going on and almost-walking going on. There is a clingy toddler who is unsure about all this new attention the teething, medic almost-walking baby is getting. There is very little sleep and 5 a.m. feels like sleeping-in these days and the result is that I try and be in bed by 8:30 so I can fall asleep 5-minutes into listening to Harry Potter on my iPhone.

But there is also warmer days, walks to the library and matching dresses. There is episodes of Glee at 5 a.m. while I try to keep the baby quiet in the hopes that the toddler will at least sleep in until 6 a.m. but this leads to Glee-inspired dance parties later on in the day. There is weeding and a bit of sewing and making plans for all the work that is going to need to be done on the house this summer. The lawn hasn’t been mowed, the garden hasn’t been dug but we’ll get there and eventually sleep will return in some form and I won’t be panicking at 9 p.m. because I’m not in bed asleep yet.

So really, I’m rather brain dead these days but I’ll leave you with Daniel Radcliffe on The Graham Norton Show because if you are a Harry Potter fan it will make you laugh and if you are a mum it will make you smile because he came out of that massive franchise articulate and awesome. Also, Colin Farrell is beside him and is equally funny. Around 7:40 minutes he says “make a sex tape” and I only tell you because it took me a while to figure out what he was saying but watch the whole thing because it’s worth it. If only we got The Graham Norton Show over here.

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