Bug zapping and random links

The mosquitoes have been really bad lately. At one point Moira looked like she had the chicken pox she had so many swollen bites on her. So the Mister went out and bought a bug zapper – some light contraption that lures the mosquitoes to it and then zaps them into oblivion. The first night we sat there and gleefully listened to the non-stop zapping. That may sound a little disturbing but really – what is the point of mosquitoes?

Totally random, bronchi mostly Want Monster, links:

  • How awesome are these retro kids bedrooms? I really want the girls to share a room some day and I have to wonder how big some of these bedrooms were so that there could be FOUR beds in some of them – or two beds and a reading nook. Our bedrooms aren’t very big so I’m thinking I need to make friends with a carpenter if I want them to have a space they can share and use.
  • I think having one girl and being pregnant with another is starting to have an effect on me because I keep visiting Nest Pretty Things and drooling over almost everything. In particular this necklace and these earrings. Those flowers remind me of things my grandmother used to wear.
  • Since I am 36 weeks – aka 9 Months! – pregnant the last thing I can do right now is sign up for anything. That hasn’t prevented me from stopping by Freckled Nest and wishing I could take part in Home Ec, an online sewing class. The projects and teachers look like so much fun.

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