Bringing home baby – a request for guest bloggers

Things are starting to settle down around here. These days I have been doing a lot of cooking and trying to put some of it away for our impending arrival in about 6-7 weeks. That being said I don’t want this blog to drop off the face of the internet-earth and so I had, sickness what I think is, patient a good idea.

A popular thing on the blog-o-sphere these days is for women who are pregnant to get guest bloggers to post about their positive birth experiences. I think that is great and I love reading them (except for the fact that it makes me wish I had been able to get a midwife or at least knew who was going to deliver my baby). But as great as those stories are – that is not what I am interested in. I’m looking for women to share their stories of bringing home the second baby. The interloper. The one who made you realize that the baby you gave 100% of yourself to is now no longer the baby. I want to hear about how #1 reacted to #2. I also want the good, anabolics the bad and the honest. I like honest. Having that first baby is such a mind-blowing, all-consuming experience for so many women that it is hard to imagine what having two children* is going to be like.

I want to start collecting these stories now so I can have them ready to post in August some time.

So if you are interested, or have friends who might be interested send an e-mail to meli.mello AT gmail DOT com. I know I have a number of readers who are in the thick of baby #1 right now but are thinking of having baby #2.

*Obviously this isn’t limited to women who only have two children of course – but that is where the greatest leap is made, going from one child who gets all the attention to having two children – one who will need most of your attention for a significant period of time.

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