Book Review: This Charming Man by Marian Keyes

One can be excused for thinking that Marian Keyes is an author of chick-lit. First of all – look at the covers of her novels. Yes, hospital we all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover – but we all do anyway. I remember reading an article in some UK paper saying that many women authors – no matter what they were writing about – we being painted by the chick-lit brush when it came to cover art. However, viagra 60mg this isn’t quite true for Keyes because on one level her novels are chick-lit – or at least they are as far as I can tell even though I try to keep my exposure to a minimum.

However, link I like Keyes and every time I pick up one of her novels I am always a little surprised at the depth behind the shopping and/or girlfriends-going-out-for-drinks talk and amazed at how she can write about such heavy subjects while making me – literally – snort with laughter.

‘Everybody remembers where they were the day they heard that Paddy de Courcy was getting married’ But for four women in particular, the big news about the charismatic politician is especially momentous … Stylist Lola has every reason to be interested in who Paddy’s marrying – because although she’s his girlfriend, she definitely isn’t the bride-to-be. Heartbroken, she flees the city for a cottage by the sea. But will Lola’s retreat prove as idyllic as she hopes? … Not if journalist Grace has anything to do with it. She wants the inside story on the de Courcy engagement and thinks Lola holds the key. Grace’s sister, Marnie, might be able to help but she’s too busy holding her perfect life – perfect husband, perfect children, perfect house – together. And what of the soon to be Mrs de Courcy … Alicia will has waited a long time for this and is determined to be the perfect politician’s wife. But does she know the real Paddy de Courcy? Four very different women. One awfully charming man. And the dark secret that binds them all …

Her latest, This Charming Man, is no different. Keyes manages to tackle such subjects as domestic abuse and alcoholism and still makes you feel like you are doing some ‘light reading’ – at least until you close the book and can’t stop thinking about the issues she raised. I think it probably has something to do with being Irish – she can really turn a phrase. (You’ll be trying to incorporate some of her Irish sayings into your every day conversations – I would repeat some of my favourites but I don’t want to give anything away.) And while I sometimes thought she was trying a little too hard to be funny, Keyes really is the master of the genre and puts the others who try to achieve similar depth to shame.

Rating: E/A: I wouldn’t say it was amazing – but it is really enjoyable and I highly recommend reading it.

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