Bliss Filled Winner

Moira, phthisiatrician Target and Target (they acted as security – we run a tight ship around here) helped draw the winner out of Moira’s toque today. My plans to draw the winner were a lot more fun last night (at least in my head) before Fionnuala woke up vomiting at at 1:30 a.m. It was a long night. It has been a long day. In fact, both girls are unwell – you can see it in the eyes, no? We’ve been lucky this winter and haven’t really suffered from anything worse than the sniffles so I guess we were due. Even this round is minor.

(Excuse me while I go knock on every wood surface in my home.)

However, on to happier news.. the winner of the Bliss Filled Mama e-book is:

Jac is a very new mama to one hairy headed little girl and a giant hairy beast of a dog (and several cats too I think). I’m sure Kathy‘s e-book will come in handy – she can listen to the MP3 version while she is vacuuming! Congratulations Jac.

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