The Mister cheats death!

Before we got married the Mister had this really vivid dream in which he could see a time-line of people’s lives. He remembered looking near the end and seeing that his friend Gary was going to die in his 80’s so he started scrolling down the list to find his name thinking it would be close by – after much scrolling he discovered he was going to die when he was 30. His reaction in the dream was (and I’m totally paraphrasing here) “I had better give Melanie a baby before then or she is going to be pissed if I die on her and leave her without one.” We used to always talk and joke about this dream and then, viagra buy maybe when he turned 30 we just kind of stopped talking about it. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had thought about it until this past Monday, the Mister’s 31st birthday as we (well, me) were waddling back from the grocery store and he said that, while there were still a couple hours left in the day, he was feeling fine and it didn’t look like he was going to die any time soon and the dream and all the jokes we had made over the years came flooding back to me. I laughed pretty hard when he reminded me of the dream – probably mingled with a sense of relief. Of course, laughing hard seems to be what you do when you have a belly to rival Santa Clause. I would say it shook like a bowl full of jelly if it weren’t rock hard all the time from the braxton hicks contractions.

The Mister could pretty much care less about his birthday (he and his little brother call it biological conspiracy day) and some years we don’t do anything for it – but this year, what with all the changes coming (and even though I completely forgot about the dream) I decided to make a big deal out of it. Besides, what else do I have to do these days besides sit around and gestate?

Saturday night we got dressed up and went out for dinner at his favourite restaurant thanks to my parents:

I love the old man hat!

This will probably the last time the two of us get to do that for a while. The Mister only looks serious in this photo – all the others turned out blurry because he was goofing around so much. I also managed to do good on presents this year (meaning I actually gave him some): two new brightly coloured dress shirts and ties that he ~ gasp ~ liked! A new flannel shirt in very boring colours (he loves it – ha!) and a homemade necklace. Making a necklace strong enough for this guy is impossible – he broke the last one and has been bugging me to make him a new one ever since. We will see how long this one lasts. This one was also designed to fit under any work shirts so he can look all “corporate” if need be. And of course – the best part for him – he didn’t have to step foot in a store for any of it. A Happy Birthday indeed!

I guess when you are very pregnant and ignoring all the important things you should be doing (cleaning, organizing, packing your hospital bag) there is no better time to make a really decadent dessert:

This was for the not-so-surprise potluck I threw for the Mister on Sunday. This cake has four layers and two types of icing/filling. I’ve never made anything like it before – it was ridiculously sweet and very popular at the party.

Since it is now Thursday and he is still alive, we figure we are now stuck with each other for at least another 50 years and I am just fine with that – even though he still won’t have grey hair and I will be completely white within the next 10 years!

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