Better. Slowly getting better.

After that last post I thought it would be kind if I updated (even though I should be packing/organizing) to let everyone know that things have gotten much better and my silence isn’t because I’ve done anything drastic. Moira has actually been her usual sweet & fun self lately. Maybe it is because the teething seems to have let up? Maybe it is because the fluid that was in her ears is gone (we had a check up today)? Maybe it is because of some new rules we have introduced (for example: the Mister would immediately remove her from being around me when she would start tantruming and yelling at me and the phrase “no yelling at Mummy” is being heard a lot around here these days). After her last bout of stomach flu we stopped giving her a bottle at all (she didn’t get one when she was sick because milk & stomach flu don’t go together) and instead have introduce the night-night snack right before bedtime. She hasn’t kept me up or screamed about being hungry in the middle of the night since (and I seriously hope I’m not jinxing things by writing about this – especially since her teeth seemed to be bugging her again today).

So yes, ampoule better. Things are slowly getting better.

Tomorrow we officially take possession of the house. We have so much work to do with renovations and packing up an apartment that we have lived in for the last eight years but it is all very exciting. This weekend we are having a carpet pulling party – want to come?


Just for fun – and so I can think about something else other than Moira & the house† – tell me your favourite girl names. The Mister and I are kind of at odds over the name right now and I’m curious as to what girl names other people are loving at the moment.

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