Best of 2009 ~ You want me to pick ONE book?

December 4: Book. What book – fiction or non – touched you? Where were you when you read it? Have you bought and given away multiple copies?

This is a tough one because, buy information pills as many of you know, website reading is kind of my thing.

So how about notable reads of the year? (Even though the year isn’t over yet – I’ll have read about five more books before it ends.)

The Tin Flute by Gabrielle Roy – Loved it! And yes, medical I have bought copies and given them away. I’m already looking forward to reading it again – too bad I have 200+ titles to get through still.

The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant by Michel Tremblay I thought this was going to be my least favourite of the Canada Reads selections last year. I wasn’t looking forward to reading it. Not only did it turn out to be my pick for Canada Reads, it was one of my favourite novels I read last year.

The Opposite of Love by Julie Buxbaum: This was one of the books sent to me by Penguin that I was supposed to review. I thought it was going to be chick lit – like so many of the books they sent. Instead I found it deeply personal and I could not stop thinking about it. I also found it refreshing because even though the main character is going through a lot of shit (for lack of a better term) – some of it of her own creating – she doesn’t let the bad stuff happen to her repeatedly like so many female characters these days. Shit happens, she deals with it, she gets on with her life. That shouldn’t even be refreshing – it should just be the norm. Sadly, it is not. Fantastic book.

And because my day is spent mostly reading children’s books:

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet & Allan Ahlberg: I think this book is pretty much perfect in every way. There is always something new for Moira to find and I never get tired of reading it because the rhyming scheme is lovely. I wish I could say the same for Wacky Wednesday – a book getting far too much attention these days. I think she just likes to say Wacky! I’ve bought copies of this book to give away too. In fact, all the little toddlers on my shopping list are probably going to get this for Christmas from us this year.

The Gruffalo’s Child by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler: This book is also perfect. It’s a little long for Moira but I continue reading it to her anyway because it is so fun to read.

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