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December 7: Blog find of the year. That gem of a blog you can’t believe you didn’t know about until this year.

There are so many blogs that I would like to read but don’t because of time constraints that the list of ones I actually do read is getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes I feel like I should keep up with the more popular ones because they seem to get referenced a lot and I like to know what people are talking about but I find my time is better spent reading ones that are well written and have a personal effect on me.

Last spring I somehow came across Andreae’s blog and after leaving a comment she came and checked out mine and then sent me a long e-mail about how we must have been seperated at birth and after bonding over our love of Catch-22 I decided my little family should move to Newfoundland so I could be Andreae’s best friend (and also with the hope of actually being able to afford a house someday). Andreae is a poet, buy more about food writer, crafter extraodinarie (she recently made her own wedding dress out of curtains!) and most of all – funny and warm. Her recent post about the anniversary of the Montreal massacre had me thinking about it all night. Every time my bloglines tells me she has a new post up I get really excited about the chance to catch up on her life and read about some new recipe she has devised (and as a general rule, I don’t even like food blogs).

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