Bath time

One of the things I really like to do – more so in the winter months – is read in the bathtub. I don’t even usually put bubbles or anything in it, case just me, the hot water and a book or magazine. I often worry about dropping my books and so I was excited to see that my recent read: Cradle to Cradle is waterproof since it is not made of paper but a smarter, more durable material that is a prototype for a “technical nutrient” – whatever that means, I’m only on chapter one.

How waterproof? Well, there is no punchline to this story – the temptation to find out wasn’t great enough for me to drop it in the bath. I’ve never dropped a book yet but I do have some magazines that look a little wobbly from the humidity.

I would write more but this is already cutting into precious reading time.

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