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Like all things Pym, breast I learned about this from Kerry over at Pickle Me This. Kerry could very well be having a baby right at this moment and yet she is still much more of a committed blogger than I am these days. (That last sentence has nothing to do with Pym and everything to do with my awe of Kerry.)

Anyway, disorder the Barbara Pym reading week is in honour of Pym’s centenary and is hosted by Thomas at My Porch and Amanda at Fig and Thistle. I’m already late to the game but obviously anyone can play along if I’m naive enough to think that I could read a novel within the next week or so. These days all of my reading is done on my phone and in the dark while either nursing and/or settling a baby. Any other attempts to have a book in my hand are looked at with scorn by the other girls who seem to take it as a personal affront when I try to do anything for myself (they are learning though, here I’ve even been showering by myself lately).

In a fit of optimism on Saturday we walked over to the nearest used books store and I picked up Some Tame Gazelle and Quartet in August. I will be happy with myself if I can read the first couple chapters of Quartet in August this week – I managed to get a couple of pages in this morning but it seems as though my book has been stolen and is now in hiding somewhere. I won’t find it before going to bed tonight which is going to happen in the next 10 minutes even though it isn’t quite 8 p.m. yet. Maybe tomorrow I will have more reading luck.

However, if you are interested do go and check out all that is going on for the Barbara Pym Reading Week because if you are a fan it is a lot of fun and if you are not – well, maybe it is time you were.


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